From Jessica Daqamsseh

A Plea for Remembrance

Sometimes I wonder,

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Dunya can feel empty-

so unloving,

And uncaring.

We scream for intervention.


Recite in the name of your Lord.

We need that Divine revelation

to deal with our current situation.

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Do we become afterthoughts

in the master plan?


I know my mind shouldn’t go there.

But I look at each disaster

And wonder how we fare.

How would you fix Allah’s creation?

Your wisdom, intellect, and spiritual might,

so needed now.

From Trump’s America

to dear Syria;

The faithful in China

incarcerated by the masses.

From Europe’s shores

to Australia’s coasts,

Your ummah needs you most.

An example of strength,

A way to live each day,

Following in your footsteps–


Call us back to basics–

The Qur’an as guide.

The sunnah as life.







Let’s remodel our connection

to divine revelation.

Let’s elevate

the sacred

over the


Do you think of us in Jannah?

Can your warmth reach down–

gently redirect us

to Sirat-ul Mustaqeem?

They call our sisters terrorists,

our brothers get no better.

Names to break us,

to defame,

and to degrade us.

Ya Rasoolullah.

If my voice could reach the Heavens,

and your response could re-enter this realm,

no figurative army could stop us.

Words could purge

the bigotry,

the suffering

of millions–


And non.

Ya Rasoolullah,

Your message is mercy.

Ya Rasoolullah,

We need Divine Compassion

to repossess

our inheritance.

This dunya is crying.

Will your message

cloak our suffering?

Can our pain

be healed by

our commonalities?

Ya Rasoolullah.

Do we think of you in dunya?

Do we really know your worth?


Recite in the name of your Lord.

A message for us all.

Let’s not lose it

to appease those

who wish us to fall.

Please think of us in Jannah.

We need these prayers in dunya.

Let us reunite

under Allah’s light.

Keep creation in your breast-pocket.

Here lies your message

within mine.

A timeless bond

Of heart and mind.

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Or is it too late?

Your example is needed

more than ever,

Let us not hesitate.

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