From Rashdan Ahsan

Asalaam-u-aliakum Ya-Rasool-Allah.


I am 13 years old, I live in Mississauga with my mother and two sisters. Last month when I came to visit my father I saw a movie based on your childhood. It was really interesting to see how you were the chosen one by Allah (SWT). I have asked for a lot of things from Allah (SWT) and he has granted some of those to me Alhumdulillah. For example when my father promised me that he will buy me a Nintendo Switch I prayed that Allah (SWT) grants me that wish. I had a Nintendo Switch but my Baba broke it. He didn’t mean to but we sometimes do things we do not mean to do. It is also okay when I don’t get everything I want because not even all the prophets got what they wanted. Noah (AS) could not save his son and Ibrahim (AS) could not make the Pharaoh stop thinking that he was God. I wish I could study hard and got good marks in all my subjects. I know it would make my Baba happy.

In my time off I like to draw in my diary. I drew this sunrise for you. This is from the movie I saw. The sun represents you and the mountains symbolize the difficulty you had. My all time favorite Dua is for every one to be happy. I want to know, how does it feel to be the chosen one from Allah (SWT) himself. I know for sure if I was the chosen one I would feel closer to Allah (SWT) than I ever did. I am glad Allah (SWT) chose you because no one deserved that place more than you. You heard even the cry of a tree, a bird or a baby left to die. Now that you are with Allah (SWT) do you feel much closer to him? I wish I knew how that felt like. I give my Salaam to you Ya-Rasool-Allah.

Your brother in Islam

Rashdan Ahsan

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