3rd Place Winner Lina Abdul Wahab

Dearest Rasulullah,

I hear you,
When You say
That You wept
For your loss
As only a parent can feel
The suffering
Of burying
Your own
For that,
My beloved Prophet
You gave us strength
We buried
Our offspring twice
And each time…
We thought of you
Who went through
Our shared ordeal
And just that thought
That you, and us
Have that shared moment
Where we understand
The pain…
That pain..
To be able share
That pain with you
Changes it.
It became sweet
Just because.
Nothing else. Just because.
We share it with You.

Allahuma solli Alla sayyidina Muhammad. Thank you for giving us the strength to carry on,
Ya Rasulullah s.a.w

With Love,
Umm Ihsan
(Lina Abdul Wahab)

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