From Fatima Zubair

May peace and blessings be upon you my beloved..

Ya Rasulallah I am patiently waiting for visiting you. Either in the blessed land of the madinah or at least in my dream. My heart yearns for you. I pray for your companionship. If not in this world then come to see me on qiyamah.. save me from myself that day. Come to me when I’ll be taking my last breaths. Come to me when they will be lowering me to dust. Be with me when my heart would tremble in fear of the angels. And be with me every second of infinity… My heart aches for you ya rasul Allah. Please take me with you in Jannah. Come my beloved. When I hear your name something within enlightens so brightly. Come oh distributer of mercy and let me feel alive once again.. Come my beloved for I have made my life challenging to me. Come and save me today in this world and then in the hereafter.. I miss you alot sometimes. Please call me near you sooner than soon.

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