From Anonymous

The first time I truly came to you I was broken

So broken it was hard to function

one who loves you dearly told me that I have to give my burden to you Regular hearts can carry finite pain

But your blessed heart

Full of love of the Most-Loving

Could defy the rules that govern regular mortals


Asking for an increase in your rank and stature

Focusing less on me

Less on what I struggle to bear

and asking

the One without beginning or end to bless the Blessed one

To praise the oft-praised

To elevate the elevated

As I repeat any of the numerous formulas for connecting with the gift of gifts.

Focus changes




Heaviness lifts

And now when I seek ease

Seek assistance

Seek a path

I repeat the blessed prayers

Blessed words that take the focus of me and the chaos around and remind me

Center me

Help me see and feel the ease that is always there

As if the ease waits for me to remember to seek it

Thanks to the Lord of the multiverse, the one who gives endlessly

Who has given us a way out of every difficulty

And a shortcut too

The generous King of kings

Lord of lords

Who invites us to join in in His elevation of His beloved

Who shares his most beloved with us

Access is just a few words away

Words that lead to a shift in state

A shift in circumstances

I thank Him for you.

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