From Alaa Nagah

Dear Prophet Muhammed,

I am sitting at the airport crying at the thought you reading this letter. I have been out of country all day in back to back meetings and I have not prayed dhuhr and asr yet, and maghrib is approaching. I want to get up and pray but my armour of Iman is too weak against the external forces. I am tired of this world and the thought of seeing you and Our Lord is refreshing, like a glass of cold water on a parched throat. After academically studying Islam for 8 years in school, and hearing the Islamic culture both tell us that the 5 pillars of Islam is important, I was very surprised to see that despite the 5 pillars we still sucummbed to some nasty habits. Until I came across a hadith of yours that said that you were sent down to perfect character. I think we forget that as a Human Race. I think we forget that and when we remember, it becomes our hardest fight. Fightning our ego, our lust, our laziness, our gluttony, our greed, our wrath, our envy. These are the 7 enemies I wake up to everyday. I would have loved to have you around to help me. But it was not meant to be. I wish to live beside you in Paradise and for you to intervene for me. See you soon inshAllah.

I love you.


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