From Aizan Nur Yusoff

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my dearest beloved Rasulullah SAW, peace and blessings be upon you, Ya Rasulullah. Today, sitting in this classroom learning about Al Mustafa, I was reminded about how much I missed you and really just want to be in your present more than anything else in this world. My heart pain from this felling and often too, my love turn into tears of longing of the joy looking at your beautiful smile.

Ya habibi, Ya Mustafa, I look to the world today and wonder if it could have turn out differently if you are still with us. Indeed you said it yourself that you would rather be with Allah on the day the angel take you back to Him. I understand ya Rasullullah. I want the same. To be with Allah and you every single day. I wish that the world could learn better about you and your beautiful akhlaq. I wish that the world could see how a loving man you are like when you let Hassan RA and Hussein RA play with you even when you were in your solah. I wish that the world could learn from you on how much love you have for all your wives specially Khadijah RA who believe in you at the time when no one did or Aishah RA, when you drink from the same spot of the cup that she drank. I wish the world could learn how you make your feet swollen by standing in long prayer just to show to Your Master that you are grateful slave of Him or when you stop asking Allah for the decrease of rakaah in solah due to your shyness of His dominion above His creation. How could someone not love you when you cried night after night begging Allah for His mercy on your ummah. You are the perfection of Allah’s creation.

Ya Al Muallim, I hope we can have a daily conversation sitting near Al-Kauthar listening to all your journey from the time you met Jibril A.S the first time to the pain of Taif and Uhud and to the joy of able to return to your homeland Mecca after being away for so long. Tell me Ya Rasulullah what is it like to travel from Masjdil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa in a speed of Buraq and meeting Allah for the first time. I hope I can listen to your mesmerizing recitation of Quran sitting with all the anbiya’, your wives, the sahabah and sahabiyah. Oh how I wish to be your neighbor in Jannah so you will be in my vicinity everyday.

Ya As Saddiq Al Amen,

You remind me that there’s always hope in this hopeless world because our trust is in the One who created it. You remind me that our enemy can finally be our best companion and rest besides us from a sincere du’a. You remind me that if only we understand that we should love others what we love for ourselves, the world could be a better place.

Y a Rasulullah, my beloved, Perhaps, we can have our race in Jannah like you race Aishah RA. Perhaps ☺

Until this day come, I will do my best to love, to serve, to be kind, to be compassion , to speak the truth, to care for the orphans, to care for my mother, to emulate your character to my best ability so people would know that you Rasulullah SAW was the best example any human can be and a mercy sent to all mankind.

From your sister who love you without seeing you but the heart see you…

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