From Sarah Saghir

Our Beloved Muhammad,

blessed salutations

I’m feeling better. You must’ve felt so concerned when I wrote you last year. Yes I’m in a new place. Yes I’m far away from my parents. But as they say here, nothing lasts. And i have a lot to be grateful for. 

I have a little family now. a family of 3. Because of you. Because I went to a gathering to sing your name, to sing salawat, almost every week. I went for fellowship and love I went for God and then somehow…. those watching over us without us looking; those planting flowers on our spiritual path; those praying for us in the dark folds of the night; saw in the map of our stars, a matching so beautiful and so fitting, they united us with a sacred bond, in Gods name. I married someone very in love with you. الحمدلله

the foundation of this family is your Love the pillars to keep it upright are your Words the roof to hug us safe & sound is your Care

Thank you.

One day, that Day, I hope we make you proud. Just as proud as we’re feeling for being from your Ummah.

with love and a full heart Sarah and her little family

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