From Sarah Saghir

it’s simple

youre my father and i am your daughter.

youre my sunlight and i, your sunflower.

you are SO perfect.

do you know why fights happen? we all expect people to be just like you. we are all craving for your perfection. your manners. your fairness. when we don’t find it, we feel frustrated. we feel disappointed. we feel sad.

we really miss you ya Rasool Allah ﷺ. it shows in our ugly arguments. it shows in our long blank stares. it shows in our echoing laughs. in our empty posts and selfies. it shows in our pain. we miss you because you are missing from our lives. we are malNOURished. it’s not that youre not there. youve always been there. its us who aren’t present.

a few salawat. a few connecting cables, and we’ll start to tie a connection to you. we need you and sometimes we dont even know it cause we don’t know ourselves well enough.

“blah blah blah. i know myself!” hush ego. i need to be quiet now. “comment. like. lol” hush world. i need to be alone now. i need to be honest with myself now.

Love of the universe, guide, teacher, parent, voice of truth, voice of reason, peace be upon your name, come with me.


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