1st Place Winner Zahra

O Mother and Father

O you who changes every single teardrop

From sadness to happiness

May God continue to nourish your soul and our connection to you

When it rains, i imagine you

Your arms up in the sky

With your beautiful smile

Giving Salaams to each raindrop

And asking all of us

To join you

In the blessed celebration

Of the Greatness of Allah

O Muhammad, how perfect you are!

When i am sad, i imagine you

For you make me happy

You draw my way back to Allah

And envelope me

With love i will never deserve

I feel secure

I feel relieved, too

To find you always

When i look for you

I go to you when i am

Suffocating in darkness

Illusions devastate my state

I try, in vain

My head continues

Where is the brightness?

It is in you

O Most Beautiful Lotus

In a meaningful cave, i imagine us

My poor self

Looking into your eyes, O Mother

And start weeping

But the tears

Aren’t imagination

They flow from my

Dusty eyes

These love tears,

Roll even more

When i image you, Dear Beloved

Holding my mother’s hands and laughing

In that same meaningful cave

I fall down,


The only thing i would hear

Is your perfect melodic voice

Telling dust:

“Welcome home”

I would want this moment to be

All that i remember

All that i see and hear

All that occupies my

Heart and mind

I would go on and pray

To lose my sight and hearing peacefully

Simply lose everything

But have increased my love

For you

My Dearest Prophet

I imagine you also,

In the middle of the Prophetic row

In the middle of the Important ones

Walking in front of me

Present are those who

Want to be there

I mostly fantasize this

When i walk back to my

Impermanent home

After a day wishing to love you more

Than the day before

Spent in the middle of distractions

But in reality,

In the middle of where God

Wanted me to be

When i walk without seeing other but you, O Father

Joy God puts in me

Reaches people in the streets

I can tell they wonder:

“How can she be so happy?”

When the answer is so simple:

Even dust is permanently in the greatest presence

Some may believe

That my eyes never saw you,

O Messenger of God

So that i can’t imagine you

But they forget that

Every night

Our pure souls gather

To praise together


-Your farthest girl who wants to love you more

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