From Kausar El-Hussain

Dear Prophet, Salam alaikoum
Somehow, it’s a weird feeling to write a letter to you and I don’t really know what to say.
Some days ago, I read something that made me think because I felt spoken to: “We talk about our problems with our friends, our family, our teachers but we never come to the Prophet, peace be upon him, with our problems.” Maybe it’s because I don’t have certainty about your character in my
heart and my relationship to you is only in my head and has not yet reached my heart. I try to read about you more to know you better but then I feel scared to read something that misrepresents you or something that I understand wrong. Sometimes I doubt if you could really love me, perhaps I’m too bad for that. Maybe I don’t treat the people in my life good enough, maybe I’m too egoistic. Sometimes, I want to tell you that I love you and then I can’t because I think that if I really loved you, I would be a better person. But then, there is something I know for sure: I love the people who love you. I love teachers who walk on your path. I love how they care, I love how mindful they are, I love their wisdom and their character. I love them because they help me understand myself and understand the world and understand YOU. And I know another thing for sure: They are only like
they are you have shaped their character. Their care is only a part of YOUR care and their wisdom only a part of YOUR wisdom and their love only a part of YOUR all-embracing love. Because how can a human being who lived more than 1400 years ago raise people in our time to be that loving, caring and wise? That is only possible because of a love that is unimaginable. A love that breaks the dimensions of time and place. It’s your heart, your mercy, your gentleness that makes this possible. And I believe that understanding the extent of your love is something that goes beyond the intellect. It’s a secret that is shared from heart to heart. Today, I can only imagine the feeling to be with you, but maybe someday I can KNOW. Maybe today I only see the full moon shining behind the clouds of my doubts and someday I can see the full moon shining in the clear sky. Until then I can only say thank you for the stars that you illuminate to guide us, thank you for your love, thank you for your education, thank you for the people who touch my heart and who plant the seed of your love in it and water it while your sun shines on it. They are only like this because you are like you are and because you are like you are, I come to you like I am. Thank you.
Kausar E

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