From Halah Zumrawi

Asalamualeyka ya Habibi,
It hasn’t been long since I’ve been able to call you that ya Nabi Allah. You know that. How my heart fumbled through formal “Sir”-esque salutations before finally settling on “my love”. Only by God’s Grace.
May Allah send his infinite Peace and Blessings upon you, my love, my master, my teacher and upon your blessed family and companions. I miss you. You know that. And isn’t it strange how I visit you? Snapchat ’s map function doesn’t tell me what parts of your blessed Rawdah I can and cannot enter. God bless the men that line up to greet you with their phones. I sarcastically jest, but really, I am grateful. How are you? How is my Mother Khadija? Please send her – please send every one of your loved ones – my Salaam. And just like that I realize I get to say Salaam to the entire universe. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim ‘ala al harees ‘alayna
wa ‘ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.
I remember the first time I wrote you. My first Letter to the Beloved. I was awkward and stilted. I wrote about how I saw you in the smiles and Christmas greetings of a homeless couple I was fortunate to share a bus trip with. Their joy at the season was contagious and as a couple they were just adorable. Their smiles reminded me of your Sunnah. I remember writing about them because I didn’t know how to write about
You know, a few years ago, I would have asked you how I could help change the world for the better.
Yesterday I would have asked how I could change myself. I think I’ve come to realize that it’s all perfect.
When you’re in love, the background doesn’t matter. The outward manifestations of your nation’s reality is one thing but who knows what you see, what God sees, when we are seen? Yaseen, ya Rasulee, ya Sayyidi,
ya Habibi.
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon you as many times as there are clouds, raindrops and roots, and quench us with the drink of your love, Oh Source of all Love. Ya Allah, bless the Crown of the Two
Sanctuaries, by night as many times as there are city lights, Oh Concealer of faults. Ya Allah bless the Seal of
Messengers as many times as there are Temples and Churches and Mosques, wherever the hearts pray to
You. Guide us all to his tradition, Oh Lord of all nations and peoples. Ya Allah bless the Unlettered Prophet as many times as there are pens and letters and books and increase us in knowledge of his story and to his proximity draw us near through deed, Oh Knower of Secrets. Ya Allah bless the One Who Ascended,
reaching the Lote Tree, as many times as there are skyscrapers and staircases and by him raise our position,
Oh Most Lofty of all Elevation.
In love,
the weakest link in this chain of lovers,

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