From Fatima Azar Bagheri

Bismillah irRahman irRaheem
Ya Rasulallah they asked us to write you a letter or poem
What can I tell you, Ya Rasul, if you were to read this, or if I were to read
it to you? O light within my eye, breath within my breath, you know me
better than I know my self.
Ya Rasulallah, you came to this earth 1,420 years before I was born,
your beloved mother’s name was Amina and she gave birth to you in a
land far away from where I am now, where there are deserts and camel
and date palm trees
But the same moon that hovered over you as your mother held you
lovingly in her arms, hovered over me too.
Ya Rasulallah, I heard your face was brighter than that moon.
And your light, your precious light came to be before all of this.
And we were all created from that light.
You are the Beloved one
The Beloved of Allah
Ya Rasulallah, the world has changed
Since you were here
But we still remember you
We try to follow you
Hundreds and thousands of poems have been told in honor of you
But it is your name who have honored these poems, Ya Rasul
We miss you even though we never met you
We know you even though we never got to know you
Your companion told us you once said, “you will be with whom you
love.” Ya Rasulallah, my heart is relieved, you are the one who loves us
When you cried “ummati, ummati”
Ya Rasulallah what was it like to be your companion
To see your smile which melts the heart
To be the blessed bowl from which you drank milk from
When Abu bakr said “he drank until I became pleased.”
To be the blessed ground your forehead touched as you knelt in prayer
To be the blessed black stone you placed upon the cloth
to settle the disputes of your countrymen
to be the blessed needle you used to mend your sandals
Your sandals, walking with you across the land to mount Hira

Ya Rasul, that day you walked alone and retreated inside the cave
And there the Angel Gibril revealed to you a verse from our Lord
I wonder that night the temperature in the air,
Was it a clear night sky? Did the stars shine above you, do they still
shine now?
What path did you travel exactly? Where did your blessed feet grace the
earth? Where did your blessed eyes gaze? When nobody was around to
see, did something beautiful make you smile? Nobody saw your smile
but Allah.
The breezes swept by you with joy, do they grace us still? Ya Rasul
Do you remember when you were just a boy? You became an orphan at
a young age, your father died before you were born, your mother passed
when you were only six, your uncle Abu Talib took you in. You were
very loved Ya Rasulallah
Later in life, your people gave you the name “Al-Amin” because you
always spoke the Truth.
Everyone trusted you.
Allah gave you His trust most of all, and entrusted us to you.
Ya Rasulallah, we only know about you what we have been told, but
what about you have we not known?
The moments you yearned to be with your Lord.
The moments alone, gazing into the distance, prayers we never heard.
The moment you first gazed upon our mother, your beloved daughter
Fatima Zahra
The joy you must have felt
Ya Rasulallah, how was it to be near you? To hear your soft voice? Your
heavenly laughter?
To see you approach
To witness the light in your eyes
Ya Rasulallah ya Muhammad
Peace and blessings be upon you
O Mercy to the worlds
Your hand rests upon your knee
This moment existed, and exists still
Ya Rasulallah, did you ever listen to the sound of the rain?
Did the rain make sound for you?
Does the water make fertile the ground for you?
That the rose may bloom, that the fragrance may be known?

Ya Rasulallah did you ever feel the warmth of the sun? or did the sun get
its warmth from you?
Do we feel its warmth now because of you?
Ya Rasulallah, many years have passed since you’ve lived among us
But still we witness the blessings of your light and love for us
Ya Rasulallah some people are saying we are getting close to the end of
times now
I don’t know, but they say the time of the Mahdi is near
Maybe I will not be here when that time comes
Ya Rasulallah, do you wait for us? Do you pray for us?
O praised one, your name alone brings us peace.
May upon you be peace.
My friend, my Prophet, Light within my eye,
Breath within my breath
Ya Muhammad
sallallahu alaihi wasallam

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