From Jessica Daqamsseh

A Plea for Remembrance

Sometimes I wonder,

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Dunya can feel empty-

so unloving,

And uncaring.

We scream for intervention.


Recite in the name of your Lord.

We need that Divine revelation

to deal with our current situation.

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Do we become afterthoughts

in the master plan?


I know my mind shouldn’t go there.

But I look at each disaster

And wonder how we fare.

How would you fix Allah’s creation?

Your wisdom, intellect, and spiritual might,

so needed now.

From Trump’s America

to dear Syria;

The faithful in China

incarcerated by the masses.

From Europe’s shores

to Australia’s coasts,

Your ummah needs you most.

An example of strength,

A way to live each day,

Following in your footsteps–


Call us back to basics–

The Qur’an as guide.

The sunnah as life.







Let’s remodel our connection

to divine revelation.

Let’s elevate

the sacred

over the


Do you think of us in Jannah?

Can your warmth reach down–

gently redirect us

to Sirat-ul Mustaqeem?

They call our sisters terrorists,

our brothers get no better.

Names to break us,

to defame,

and to degrade us.

Ya Rasoolullah.

If my voice could reach the Heavens,

and your response could re-enter this realm,

no figurative army could stop us.

Words could purge

the bigotry,

the suffering

of millions–


And non.

Ya Rasoolullah,

Your message is mercy.

Ya Rasoolullah,

We need Divine Compassion

to repossess

our inheritance.

This dunya is crying.

Will your message

cloak our suffering?

Can our pain

be healed by

our commonalities?

Ya Rasoolullah.

Do we think of you in dunya?

Do we really know your worth?


Recite in the name of your Lord.

A message for us all.

Let’s not lose it

to appease those

who wish us to fall.

Please think of us in Jannah.

We need these prayers in dunya.

Let us reunite

under Allah’s light.

Keep creation in your breast-pocket.

Here lies your message

within mine.

A timeless bond

Of heart and mind.

Do you think of us in Jannah?

Or is it too late?

Your example is needed

more than ever,

Let us not hesitate.

From Qabsah Munawwarah Alimunawar

Dear Prophet Muhammad,

These words are written by my sin stained hand,

I am unworthy like a transparent thread,

But like the date palm tree planted in the sand,

These words are my longing and I pray it will never end.

To say I love you is to mean it,

And although I’m unworthy to declare it,

But like the date palm tree I still wanna say it,

I love you and I miss you like a sunlit.

And if I’ve ever meet you in person,

Words won’t appear as I lower my head in disgrace,

But- this letter is for you,

A letter of love and embrace.

In hopes to love you more,

Qabsah Ali

From Fatma Ibrahim

Dear Messenger of Allah جل جلاله ,Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم,
My beloved, I am truly sorry. I am sorry that I don’t remember you as much as I should. Being so distracted, so carried away with my affairs in this worldly life. I hate to give excuses, but unfortunately this is my sad truth.
I made a promise with myself that in every sajdah I go down in during Salah, I send peace and blessing upon your beloved name after remembering Allah جل جلاله , before making any duas. I also pray to Allah جل جلاله that He fills my heart with love for you and reminds me of you as much as I can, so that I may send peace and blessings upon your beloved name.
Every time I made this dua and remember how much my day would have gone by without remembering you, my heart would ache with sore and guilt; that it would be unbearable during some days..
I try my best to learn more about your Sunnah and implement it to my life. By the will of Allah جل جلاله ,I slowly started to make it a habit, as it began to remember you more than before. However, still it wasn’t enough. I would always feel like I’m not doing enough or making enough effort in remembering you, my beloved.
My tears for how much I miss you and guilt of not remembering you enough is only a drop in an endless ocean of your tears that you cried for me and your ummah every night.
I pray that Allah جل جلاله never lets a day in my life go by without sincerely remembering you and sending genuine peace blessings upon your beloved name. I pray that one day I get to see your beloved face that is brighter and more adorned than the moon, smiling at me in my dreams. I pray that I leave the privileged life I have here living in Canada and get to live in Medina where I can visit your mosque Masjid Al Nabbawi whenever I want.
I pray that I am among those that obtain your intercession by the will of Allah جل جلاله on the Day of Resurrection. And I pray that I gain your companionship in Jannat Al Firdous in the Hereafter. Ameen.
People (including my nafs and shaytan) would say that those goals are too
unrealistic, impossible to achieve since your imaan isn’t and will never be above the skies. I know that I’m just a simple girl and that my imaan is always fluctuating, but my Rabb is The Greatest, The Almighty, The Most Merciful. To Him I put all my hope and trust that no doubt at all I will achieve those goals by the will of Allah جل جلاله . As long as I keep striving for them through the means of attaining Allah جل جلاله love and pleasure. I am willing to do all it takes to get to you, my beloved.
with love,
Fatma Ibrahim.

From Rachel Kallembach

January 29, 2019

I would like to open this letter properly. I’m searching in vain for a befitting way to address The Beloved and Last Prophet (SAW) in the world and thank him for the content of his character. It’s as if I’m attempting to greet the ocean; language alone will never be adequate enough to acknowledge every miraculous fish, amoeba, urchin, or anemone within it.

Will my expressions of gratitude and awe for you, Beloved Prophet (SAW), ever reach you? Only Allah (SWT) knows if they will in this life or in the hereafter or both or neither. Either way, my endless appreciation for you would not lessen.

Within this ocean of thanks–the depths of which I can’t even fathom–you, Rasoolullah (SAW), are the movements of the water. Ocean currents guide aquatic life across vast distances so they can thrive. They also carry scents through the water for animals to find nourishment. So have you helped to carry my lost soul back to its home. This is what Allah (SWT) has created in you, Rasoolullah (SAW).

Had it not been for your example in the legacy that is ever-present today, Beloved Prophet (SAW), I would not have reverted to Islam and proudly taken the shahadah into my heart. Had I not been introduced to narration after narration of your conduct and dealings, I would not be a Muslim today. You are the one who brought me to this gift. Alhamdulillah, I would not have come to the peace I have nor have exponentially bettered my life if it had not been for you and the choices you made to endure difficulties and maintain your daily life as a role model.

I would guess there’ve been billions of others–as many as there are creatures wriggling and floating in the ocean right now–who have wanted to speak to you as much as I do. Subhanallah, can you believe Allah’s (SWT) ability to orchestrate the grandeur of that? He can create any human being he wishes and I am grateful for the existence of them all of course (for they all play a role). However, the mercy of his creation in you, as well as all prophets (peace be upon you and them all), has sailed us across our ocean of fitnah.

Certainly if you, Beloved Prophet (SAW), could have endured all that incredible ridicule and burden, then I can be one of the patient in my little niche in life. Certainly I can keep my purpose in mind and my heart with Allah (SWT) during my routine, my responsibilities, my career, and my loneliness.

Sincerely A Grateful Member of Your Umma,

Rachel Kallembach

From Wajiha Basit

O’ my Messenger, I don’t know you

O’ my Messenger, I have never seen you.

O’ my Messenger, what do I say?

O’ my Messenger, I have forgotten your way.

O’ my Messenger, how can I find you?

O’ my Messenger, my heart is blind to you.

O’ my Messenger, You are God’s Beloved!

My Dear Lord, teach me to love your Muhammad.

From Mohamed Khadim (2)

Dear Beloved of Allah,

My artist’s brush

Is moved to paint

Images on the canvas

Of my mind

Perfumes of Jannah (1)

Riding on your back

Happy to be their camel

You lengthened

Your prostration

The Martyr of Karbala (2)

A child in an oversized robe

Eyes only for you

As you spoke on the pulpit

You descended

Swept him up in your arms

Pulled him to your chest

Defying the Bedouin’s boast (3)

A necklace, and a gold ring (4)

For Umamah

The apple of your eye

Boundless love

You are

Unmatched in

Beauty and Praise!

And now billions of hearts

Are moved by images

Etched on the canvas

Of their minds



  1. The two grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were referred to as ‘fragrances of Jannah”
  2. The Prophet’s grandson Imam Hussein was martyred at Karbala. There is a hadith that when he was a young child, while the Prophet was on the minbar, he came into the masjid wearing an oversized thobe; the Prophet descended the minbar and lifted him up to his chest.
  3. This is in reference to an authentic hadith in which a Bedouin was surprised at the Prophet who kissed his grandsons and showed such affection; he boasted that he has ten sons and never kissed them (apparently to show the toughness of the lifestyle).
  4. It is reported that the Prophet was very fond of his grand-daughter Umamah, daughter of Zainab. Once he had an Onyx necklace and said that he would give it to the one he loved the most. Many people expected that he would give it to Ayesha (RA), but he gave it to Umamah; on another occasion he gifted her a gold ring.

From Zubeda Nathani

To my Beloved!
I have heard and read thousands of your stories Ya
RasoolAllah but  every time I hear or read, tears flow
Whether I have read it or heard it many a times
before, it still feels like I have heard it for the first
That feeling of being close to you whenever I send
peace and blessings on you, that feeling that you
hear me and sends back peace and blessings on
This sinful ummati of yours close its eyes every
night with the hope of seeing you! Nah my sins are
many, my book of deeds weigh heavy on left but Oh
Prophet of Allah you know how this ummati loves
you even though I lack in following your path but  Ya
RasoolAllah this heart aches being close to you.
Ya RasoolAllah! You are the best of creation, Allah
made you perfect! As one of your Sahabi says ‘You
have been created just as you wished”!.’ You spent
your whole life in the way of Allah, your concern
was his pleasure and never ever you missed you
ummati in your blessed dua.
Oh RasoolAllah, may my parents be sacrificed for
you, make me your beloved and on the day where
no one will be mine that is the day of Qiyamah take
me closer to you and hold my hands and take me to
Jannah .
Infinite peace and blessings of Allah be on you.
Sinful Ummati.

3rd Place Winner Lina Abdul Wahab

Dearest Rasulullah,

I hear you,
When You say
That You wept
For your loss
As only a parent can feel
The suffering
Of burying
Your own
For that,
My beloved Prophet
You gave us strength
We buried
Our offspring twice
And each time…
We thought of you
Who went through
Our shared ordeal
And just that thought
That you, and us
Have that shared moment
Where we understand
The pain…
That pain..
To be able share
That pain with you
Changes it.
It became sweet
Just because.
Nothing else. Just because.
We share it with You.

Allahuma solli Alla sayyidina Muhammad. Thank you for giving us the strength to carry on,
Ya Rasulullah s.a.w

With Love,
Umm Ihsan
(Lina Abdul Wahab)