From Juman

Dear Prophet Mohammad,

Mohammad {PBUH}, you are not only a prophet; you are a father, a friend, and so much more. I can’t express my feelings towards you with words. If only you were here. You have always found a way to return lost people to the path of Islam. You have been insulted, abused, and called a liar, but you have always forgiven people. Oh Mohammad, if you were to see how your people were acting today, you would have been disappointed. We are taking our religion for granted, and we are always complaining about our prayers and fasting. Mohammad, I thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I thank you for teaching us right from wrong. I thank you for handling all the pain for your religion and people. I thank you for never losing your patience, and never giving up. If only people were to spread Islam in a peaceful and civilized way like you have done. As آیة المنافق ثلاث إذا حدث كذب وإذا وعد أخلف وإذا اؤتمن خان“ you have said

I am very sorry to tell you Mohammad that your people are lying when they speak they are not keeping their promises, and are not keeping secrets. Your people are being hypocrites, even though you have warned them. You used to give without expecting anything in return. You loved your people unconditionally and always gave the people that hurt you second chances. My beloved prophet, I never understood the meaning of loving someone without seeing them, but I have learned to love you and respect you without ever seeing or meeting you. Unfortunately, our faith and Islam is not deep from our hearts. A lot of Muslims only pray in front of people. I thank you Mohammad for being generous, kind, loving, loyal, and most of all for being you. We do not thank you enough, but you are in our hearts in every second, of every minute, of every hour.

عَجَبًا لأمرِ المؤمنِ إِن َّ أمْرَه كُل َّھُ لھُ خَیرٌ ولیسَ ذلكَ لأحَدٍ إلا للمُؤْمنِ إِنْ أصَابتھُ سَر َّاءُ شَكَرَ فكانتْ خَیرًا لھُ وإنْ أصَابتھُ ضَر َّاءُ صَبرَ فكانتْ خَیرًا لھُ

Many people these days only thank Allah when something good happens, and they question Allah’s abilities when something bad happens. I thank you Mohammad for teaching us how to act in certain situations and for warning us about bad people. As a Muslim, I promise you that your people will change and become better Muslims. I thank you for your presence and for everything that you have done. I thank you for standing up for us and for asking Allah to forgive us when we commit a sin.

Juman Amer Alnaser
7G – Islamic Educational College Jordan – Amman

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