From Ameera

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحیم

December25th, 2017
Islamic Educational College – Jabal Amman

Beloved Prophet Mohammad,

I would like to start this letter by sending you all the prayers and peace you deserve, even if it is worth a grain of sand to

what you have received, and still are receiving.

Even though I haven’t seen you, I know by the physical descriptions left by your followers of you, the leader of the Islamic Umma, and aside of how imaginative one may be, a person can never form your face in his or her mind, for they would be left in complete and utter awe. We wish to see you alongside us everyday, however your comely face doesn’t deserve to see what we have turned into.

Dear Mohammad, the hearts have hardened, the minds have been blinded, and the brains have been washed clean of all common sense; one doesn’t feel for the poor, doesn’t feel Allah’s blessings, and can’t differentiate right from wrong. Some are holding on to the rope of Islam for dear life, and for dearer afterlife, while others don’t burden themselves with attempting to climb it. And as for those who are attempting to hold on to the rough rope of Islam, only made rougher by

today’s plague, social media platforms, that are trying to ruin the peaceful image of Islam, to ruin your honorable name and image, and to question Islam’s logical rules and regulations. All of the previously mentioned have made it harder to feel the warmth of Islam, but one stays patient and thankful, as you ”إن أصابتھ ضراء صبر فكان خیرًا لھ.“ :once said

We always look up to you, for you are just near perfect and you mean the world to us and all that is in it; for your passion of Islam is like the fire, your intentions have the clarity and purity of water, your perennial of sayings had been deeply rooted into the earth, into the hearts of each Muslim, and your light and leniency is the air entering the lungs of the exhausted. Those for elements formed together to create the world, for you are the world, and you mean the world to us.

A believer in you,
Ameera Sabha – 9th grade
Islamic Educational College – Jordan

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