From Zeba

Letter to the beloved

You are the first and You are last CHOSEN ONE

It was YOU who is the reason for our existence

It was YOU who told us the meaning of LOVE

We don’t know for how long OUR LORD saw YOu and YOU saw HIM

It was HIS love for YOU that HE Wanted to show us Who is HIS BELOVED and Why we have been Created

It was YOU who want us to know Who our LORD is,how LOVING HE IS

It’s a love story which starts from HIM to YOU encompassing

YOU Were given treasures of both worlds but you chose to sacrifice it just for the sake of our sins to be forgiven By our Merciful LORD

You came with words(my ummati,my ummati,my ummati)

You spent all your life saying (my ummati,my ummati,my ummati)

And veiled from this world saying (my ummati,my ummati,my ummati)

Till the day of judgement you will be saying (my ummati,my ummati,my ummati)

Your intercession will set all us free

Your love will take us to our ULTIMATE goal

Oh our beloved Sayyidina MUHAMMAD

We sacrifice everything for you

No one can love us the way YOU do…


May peace and blessings be upon you

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