From Zaynab

Assalamu Alaikum, May peace be upon you oh Rasullallah,

Al-Amin, the trust worthy, always speaking the truth, no matter in what situation,

You are the shining moon, in the coal black night sky,

Never lost the bond of trust between you and Allah, even though you were left an orphan from a very young age, how I could not imagine being in that situation

Oh beloved, never speaking falsely against others, despite the hardship they may have given you,

Treating everyone the same, no matter if you neighbours or your family,

A privilege to be in your ummah, guiding me to the correct path,

Never showed violence or committed a single crime, only to protect the word of Islam,

As strong as a tiger, oh how I respect that greatly,

Respecting anyone you knew, even if they didn’t show that same feeling for you,

Your beaming smile, gracefully glistening in the moonlight

An inspiring character to anyone and everyone,

Shared your food even when you didn’t have enough to feed just yourself,

Kind to not just people but also animals, Oh Muhammed, the best of all mankind.

By Zaynab Din, age 10

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