From Urooj

Dear Beloved (PBUH),
Our beloved prophet you shine in the sky.
You make us all so happy.
You are very special to us you are very kind.
You are the kindest person ever we all trust.
You, we all copy you we all love.
You very much we will do the namaz and we will pray for you all the time. We all love what you do very much we you care and love everybody and we do the same. We all copy you, we read the Quran we know that you make Dua for us and we make Dua for you. We all do what we have to do and you do what you have to do we like you very much so much. We all do work and care for each other we care for you and love you very much we all do so much. Just for you will pray for us and our family and we will pray for you for the every hour and minute. When we are upset we always think of you every time you care we care you share we share I am learning about you and I am always thinking about you.

Urooj Manee age 9 

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