From Sufian

Dear Beloved (PBUH),

About 14 centuries ago, our Prophet (S.A.W)

was born. His name was Muhammed (pbuh). You are my hero, my role model, my everything. Every night, I look at the sky I think of you, my prophet.

My Lord, I am sorry for my sins and I want to know if I will go to Heaven or hell?

My Lord guide please guide me through my life, to make good decisions. I am a Muslim, I am a follower of our lord’s religion, Islam. I am sorry for any wrongs that I have done and I am hoping that you forgive me.

You, my Prophet have said whenever follows

a path in pursuit of knowledge Allah will make a path to Jannah easy for him. This is what I

believe and will try to do.

Allah, I am a Muslim, you are my Lord, Islam is

my life, the Quran is my guide, our Prophet is our role model paradise is my goal.

By Sufian Ellahi     Age: 11  

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