From Sofia

Dear Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

When your wife died you kept on continuing your life and always remembered her how she remembered you. You made me really happy when I read your Sunnah, you always make me believe in myself. Also you make me do good deeds like helping my family and cleaning after myself. And we were learning about you and that you respected people that even disrespected you. And I was shocked when I heard your parents died when you was young and you still stayed strong and kept on carrying on with your wonderful life.

When I am sad or bored, I always read the Sunnah and it makes me better and happy. Please may you look after my family and make sure they are okay. When I get hungry and food is nearly done I always say to myself to wait because some people don’t have food and they need it more then you. Also I learnt that you always helped people who needed more help than you do. Although you went to an orphanage you stayed strong and you knew that god would be there with you and I always inspired you for that because I couldn’t have done that.

Oh Allah please may I make my dreams come true visit me and give me a surprise, May peace be upon you.

Sofia Evans , Age 10

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