From Sarah

Questions & Answers

Oh Ya Rasulullah (S) have you ever wondered why I love you so?

Have you ever considered why I wish to lay at your feet and pour out my love for you?

Do you ever notice how much I adore you?

Did you ever realize how much I would have given just to utter a single word to you?

Or even be in the same room as you?

Oh Muhammad (S), you make my day. You are the only reason my lights turn on in the morning. The only ray of light that shines when all others have gone out. You are the joy and hope of my soul. You are the only person I look up to, the only person I would love to be. How I would love if you could see these words, for they are not just words on a page, they have, with every single letter, a piece of my heart in them. The love I have put down on this page is so huge it is a wonder the page is still this big. Putting these precious words on a piece of paper makes me feel as though you are right next to me. Just because you are closer than the ground right now makes me feel like you can hear me. So if you can hear me, Thank you. For everything, even the things I don’t yet know about. You are probably plotting some amazing things to do. Have fun in Heaven!


ISBR Academy (Sunday School), Basking Ridge, NJ

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