From Sana

Dear Prophet Muhammad (SAW),

Thank you for showing me how to be a proper Muslim. Forexample,  you taught me how to be kind, honest and truthful.

From your teachings I learned that we should pray five times a day. I try to but the most I have prayed is three times on some days. I intend to start praying five times a day soon Insha Allah.

Ramadan is when we fast from dawn to dusk. The   first   time I fasted was last year   during, Ramadan. I fasted half a day although I did drink water.

Your character was exemplary. Let me mention a few of your traits. You were brave during the wars, and in one of them you saved your uncle from being killed. You were honest and never lied to anyone.

You also showed perseverance while preaching

Islam, even though some of your uncles and Qureish men plotted to kill you.

Now I have a few questions. I hope you can answer all of them. Was life hard being an orphan? Were you sad that that you couldn’t see your father? How  many  wives  did  you  have?  (I  know  two: Khadijah (RA) and Mariah (RA).) How did you feel when Khadijah (RA) died?

I really hope one day I will meet you when I go to heaven (Insha Allah) just like you did so you can read my letter and answer my questions.

With love,

Sana Shaikh

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