From Maryam K

Dear My Prophet

I’m so happy to have you, to know you and to love you.

Thank you for being my Prophet.

Thank you for loving me more than any other created being.

People will always fail me, it is in their nature – except you oh Prophet for you are flawless and perfect, the perfect creation.

How blessed you are, how much I love you, words cannot express.

I wish I could love you more than my limited heart can – I want my soul to yearn for you with all of its might and life. I want to love you more than anyone else has ever loved anyone before.

I love you Prophet – for so many reasons and in so many ways. I love you with my tears, I love you with my heart, I love you through my fears. I love you in high gears.

I wish I could see you to experience your love for me in person. I want to see your skin and glow, your smile. I want to be with you when I cry. I want you to comfort me, like the grandfather I never had.

I wish everyone who ever loved me could love me as deeply as you do.

I love you so much Oh Prophet. I miss you so much even though I never met you. I can’t explain this feeling and love.

I don’t love you because of how much Allah swt loves you. I love you because of how much you loved and cared for us, people you don’t even know. People who can barely return your love. Why do you love us so much oh Prophet. Thank you for loving us though we aren’t worthy many of the times. It is from Allah swt that you love us so much. We should realize this more.

Those of us who feel broken and depressed, small and belittled, oppressed and hurt and torn into pieces – we should allow ourselves to be healed through your unending deep love for our souls. We are hurt ya Rasulullah – please never leave us. Please ask Allah for our forgiveness. Please help us be closer to you and to celebrate you and make you happy.

Please ask Allah for help in loving you more than we love anyone in the universe and please love us, love us, love us more.

We love you.

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