From Mariah

Letter to the Prophet(SAW)                       JAN 16 2018

Dear Prophet Muhammed (SAW),

Were you unhappy when people didn’t listen to the right path? I feel really bad for you that you had to spend almost your whole life preaching to people about Islam and only about a handful of people listen to you. Is it easy to be a prophet of Allah? I try my best now that I am 10 years old, to follow every Sunnah of yours such as fasting and praying five times a day and to read the Quran. However, whenever I want to know your other Sunnahs , I  ask my dad.

How are you doing in Jannah right now? I wish I can meet you in Makkah so that I can learn a lot from you. Do you know the other prophets that came to earth? I wanted to know how to go to Jannah easily so that I can meet you in Jannah. I hope there are less people going to hellfire and millions and trillions of people going to Jannah instead. Your Sunnahs help our community and keeps it away from going to hellfire.

Your Sunnahs also help us by remembering Allah(SWT)  and your Sunnahs also teach us the many ways to enter Jannah. A lot of people don’t believe in Jannah and say that it is a big lie but it is not of course.


Mariah al Hakimi.

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