From Aya

Dear beloved Prophet of Allah… peace be upon  you!

It has been a long time I gave  you news of my delightfully ever-changing world. I would love your insight and feedback about my perspectives, so that  it may be enriched with yours as well.

Well, my noble friend, it is my first winter being spent outside of Canada. And what a winter it’s kicked off to so far! We are nearing the end of December and I have yet to see  a single snowflake. In a way, I am relieved to be away  from months and months of icy snow. And yet, it makes me value it all the more; over here, people pray for a little bit of rain. By the grace of God, earlier this week,  it poured like a waterfall for a full day and night.

There is a sort of enchantment that  creeps up on you the longer you stay  and live here. Seven months have already flown by… that’s more than  half the year! The new  few will be a whirlwind, I am hopefully sure.

Dear Prophet – I feel so honored to be in the land of Israa and Mi’raj.  I feel like, somehow, I am privileged to be here. Yes! Despite the ugly, unjust, ongoing occupation, and despite many folks’ protesting here  that  I made a crazy decision by choosing to try living in Hebron — despite it all,

it is a privilege indeed. Suffice for me that  you and other  esteemed prophets once left behind your footprints here.

God’s  land is vast. This journey across different lands has given me confidence that

I can adapt anywhere I want to, so long that  I put my mind to it. It’s also validated for myself that  adapting to different circumstances need not mean  changing or limiting who I am, nor what I firmly  believe it.

Just as His earth is vast, so I have found  are minds. In Palestine, like anywhere else, you will find limited minds… but also, and more thrillingly, you can find vast  minds bursting with creativity and hope.  You will also find a variety of hearts; those which are sadly constricted and dull…and, much more common, hearts full of wonder and love of life, even in spite of death.

Dear precious Prophet! Here I am, rambling on about findings I am certain you have long known before me in the most  noble of minds and hearts. How I wish I could experience all I am experiencing with you.

Until next time, o’ Beloved.

Take care,


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