From Hunniya


Why is Trump still in rule,

Why are wars going on

It’s not that cool;

I get it that it’s all humans fault,

But we can’t help it if threats are called.


Maybe it was our fate

Maybe the Devil got it out of the “away”

But why can’t Allah (swt) help us

If it’s not too late…


Wait What?

No its time to get personal

Why is life like the ocean

Ups and down in motion

Why do people judge us like a book

Always because of how we look.


I know it’s not your fault

But let’s come to a halt…

If Allah swt knows our future is bad

Why can’t it be fixed

Even just a little bit.


But thanks for the wisdom

And all that you have given us (a lot) Always on our side

When things go really wrong

All we got to do is pray to god

Say our surahs, and give it our all.


After all

I am me You are you But we are we

Together and true

Thank You.


Hunniya Ahmad

Age 12

ISBR Academy, Basking Ridge NJ

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