From Hannah

Dear  Prophet Muhammad (SAW),

If you were  alive  right now I would’ve asked you millions of questions. Right  now in our  world it has  changed by a lot. I wondered  if it was the  old times It would

be so much  different that the  present. I think you are  a kind and honest person from  the  beginning. How were  you brave enough  to stand up to the  quraish tribe? Was it a hard  time  to live in the  period? (If I was put  in your  place I would not  bring Islam  together because I’m not  Brave) You have a strong heart because every time somebody  wants to stop  you, you don’t let them  and that’s a kind heart a hero  would

have. You grew  up to be loving, caring, and nice.  When I learned about  you my life

changed and you are  the  only thing that

makes me happy. This is the  most

heartfelt letter I have ever  written.

Sincerely, Hannah

Name: Hannah M. Zafran

Age: 9

School: ISBR Academy Sunday School

Basking  Ridge, New Jersey

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