From Hana

January 30, 2018

Letter to the Beloved

Dear Prophet Mohammed (SAW),

Assalamu alaikum! I think you are the best role model for all human beings. You were a

pious, smart, modest, strong, and faithful man. You had a life different from now days. And you were always calm in frightful moments. So I find all these attributes match your personality.

If you do not mind I have a few questions to ask? is who was your closest companion? Next how was life for you? Did you ever get scared when facing an enemy or SHAYTAN? Also what was the saddest and hardest thing that ever happened to you? What was the toughest thing that ever happened to you?  Who was your hardest enemy to ever face besides shaytan?

I also know from stories you had a strong IMAN IN ALLAH. For example, when you were in the cave with one of your companions, as soon as the enemy the soldiers got closer to the cave your companion’s whole body started shaking but you were so calm and didn’t even break a sweat. So Allah sent spiders to make a huge web to cover the cave door. This shows how much faith and iman you had in Allah.

You  were  very  strong mentally, and because of that you were always ready for any hardships and obstacles.   Many times you were called a liar but you did not give up so easily. This is why you were the greatest man to ever set foot on earth. And why you will be granted to go to highest point in Jannah!

All Muslims should be devoted to be like you and do the daily activities and duties you told them to do. By following in your footsteps, we will be just like you and will meet you in Jannah inshAllah!

Yours truly,

Hana Samanter.

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