From Hamna

Dear Prophet Muhamad (saw)

I am really inspired by your Sunnah and I have made the intention to do them as well. I cannot believe you have through all those hard times and I am really amazed that how you have spread the meaning and message of Islam. You have always had a smile on your face even though you faced tough times for example when your mother passed away and you were only the age of 6.

I mean no other person I have known who have been brave enough to even smile and your father, you never even got to meet him. You stayed tough even when your wife Sayidna Khadija passed away, no other man could live if their wife had passed away and you took a big step forward for when you married Sawdah bint zam’ah again that must have been very hard for you because no other man would be able to re-marry after their first wife. When I am alone I know that you are with me and that makes me feel much better.

Also, I am really shocked of the events that took place in your life in such a young age. Could you make Dua for myself and my family. We are learning about you and I am really interested when you went to spread the message of Islam, giving the Dawah and the people refused you. When I am in a difficult position I think of you and make me believe in myself.

Hamna Mahmood


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