From Daleela

Dear Muhammad (S), thank you for being my prophet. Thank you for being my role model and guide. Thank you for being the person I look up to. Thank you for leading me through the right path. You are truly the person who makes me proud to be a muslim. You are truly an amazing person!

As an American, it can be difficult to be a muslim, especially with the popularity difference between muslims and non- muslims. But you make it 40% easier. When I am upset or struggling I always think about what you did ever since you were born and ask myself W hat would Muhammad (S) do?

You make my life 65% easier. I don’t know what I would do without you to lead my way. Since I have heard your Duaa’ (Kindness is a mark of faith: whoever does not have kindness does not have faith) has totally changed me as a person and as a muslim. It reminded me always that if you don’t be nice, you won’t get life the way you want it to be. It has made me and will continue to make me a nicer person always.

I am always trying to help out as much as possible because I knew that is what you would do. I always try to raise money and get included in fundraisers as much as possible. An organization called Smile was at an event I was at with my mom called Hijab Fest. They were explaining what they do and what they collect. After the show was over, me and my mother went over to them and talked to them asking if there was any way I could help. They said in March, they do March Madness with basketball and see which school could get the most donations in. They explained to us that I can do something like that in my Sunday School.

I hope you are proud of me for all that I do. I hope that I have made you happy. I love and am so impressed by your work. You are one of my top favorite people. Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you understand that you changed my life as a person and a muslim.



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