From Aseel

Dear Beloved,

I love you so much. You had a harsh life but you still kept calling for Islam. I can’t believe how amazing you were. You didn’t even go to school because you were an ummi. No matter how worthless an Amana someone gave you-you kept it safe. If you did everything good in your life. Sometimes,I wonder why can’t I? You had to be patient for most of your life. If I would have seen you cry I would cry out of sadness. You loved us every day just like a mom would love her child and sacrifice anything to keep them safe healthy and to have fun. Everywhere I go and see the hijab store I ask my mom if I can become a hijabi but she always says Do you really have the intention to do this. I sit and wonder sometimes do I? I will keep remembering you, you are my role model. I mostly wonder about the halal and haram these days. Everybody tells you what is halal and whats haram and that it is correct no matter what you do to say that it is wrong. I wish you the highest level of Jannah. Every day we make dua for you five. You tell us that if we do not have something nice then stay silent and that the best of you are those who are the most manner of all. I will make dua for you that we enter Jannah together inshallah.

My salam

Aseel Mohamed Abusafiya.

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