From Areeba

Dear the prophet (saw)

Ya rasullah ,

I have heard so much about you. I have never seen you in my life but I know you’re a good person.

Ya rasullah ,

What are your personalities, I want to know more about you. You’ve tackled through many problems as I now know. I have listened and did everything you told me too. I would smile at you every day and you smile at me back if you do I will smile at you forever.

Muhammed stands for greatness, happiness. M stands for muhammed the most merciful, the most kind. I have learnt that you used to pray 5 times a day and you fasted every day for the sake of Allah. Ya rasullah , I have learnt a lot about you most merciful, most kind. You used to try even though 3 daughters passed away. You can stay strong as you told me to so I will stay strong.

By Areeba Mehmood

Age: 10

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.27.36 PM.png

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