From Ayah

Dear Prophet Muhammad,

Writing a letter is easy, but writing it to you, a person so extraordinary, so forgiving, and merciful, it feels almost impossible to describe how much you mean to me, how much you have influenced me to be a better human being. I hesitate writing these simple words, i fear that it isn’t enough, you deserve much more than what i am to write, deserve much more from us when you’ve asks Allah to forgive us for our sins. How can someone have so much to give and want something so simple in return? You only ask us to be good Muslims, good people, and i ,personally, have not returned the favor. Years before there were more stars in the sky, and as centuries passed by, stars began to fade away. Stars are the beautiful maps that are drawn in the skies, people would depend on the stars to lead us the right path, and now we don’t need them yet we can but choose not, or maybe even forget. Prophet Muhammad, you lead us to the right path, you are the twinkling beautiful stars that lighten up the way to the gates of heaven, if we continue to do what you ask and what Allah asks us to do, we will be able to drink the holy water, zamzam, from your bare hands. I thank you for being the perfect role model, for being such a merciful human being to show us what Islam is, and how simple and beautiful it is, for forgiving us for our doings, for seeing the best in everyone of us. Allah sent an angel to you and asked if you wanted to end the world right then and there, but instead you let life continue.

قال النبي- صلى الله علیھ وسلم: )نعمتان مغبون فیھا كثیر من الناس الصحة والفراغ(

I do cherish many things, especially my health, it is a blessing from Allah, i do not cherish my free hours, instead of praying, or reading you book, Allah, which you have brought down from the heavens and sent to the prophet peace be upon him, and doing things in the sake of you and Allah, I spend my time on things that will not lead me to you. In a world and society today, I fell blind folded by Islam and your remembrance. I need to thank you, Prophet Muhammad, for everything you are willing to sacrifice for us and for me. I thank you, love you, and have faith in you, even though I cannot see you. These words I write to you are not enough; I have so much more to say. I will become better, so that when I die, I can say this to you and more in heaven, inshaAllah.

Ayah Tariq Al Bakri
9th grade
Islamic Educational College- Jordan

From Farah

Message to the beloved

To my beloved prophet (PBUH)

Mohammad (PBUH) you are the messenger of god (SWT). He قال الرسول )صلى الله علیھ و سلم( : .sent you down to give us Islam The way you gave it to us is”انما بعثت لاتمم مكارم الاضلال”. unbelievable. However, people destroyed your message. This letter that you are receiving now is mostly to thank you. I am so grateful that you especially sent us this beautiful religion.

The second that you passed away, let all your tiring work easily go away. The internet, electronic devices, social media, and more of these ridiculous creations are playing with peoples’ minds. As a result, Islam and the right deeds are swishing away. Sadly, it’s like you never came. The world is negatively changing every day to the worst. Furthermore, people started judging others by specific things such as money.

The Arab world was once a beautiful Islamic environment. However, it is now destroyed. It’s a piece of people losing their families, homes, money and mostly their power. Awfully the whole world is against us. This generation is a mess now.

Thankfully, I don’t lie, and I listen to my parents. I fast all Ramadan and study as I am told to. I am respectful to everyone and forgive others because I hate to hurt their feelings. I surely have bad deeds however, I am trying to fix them up to good deeds. Hopefully, I will follow your sunnah inshallah.

I hope you can come back and fix everything. I hope you are beside me every second in my life. I hope you can feel the love I give to you. You are the most important person in this entire world.

Sincerely, one of your followers Farah Abukias
7th grade
Islamic Educational School Jordan – Amman

From Juman

Dear Prophet Mohammad,

Mohammad {PBUH}, you are not only a prophet; you are a father, a friend, and so much more. I can’t express my feelings towards you with words. If only you were here. You have always found a way to return lost people to the path of Islam. You have been insulted, abused, and called a liar, but you have always forgiven people. Oh Mohammad, if you were to see how your people were acting today, you would have been disappointed. We are taking our religion for granted, and we are always complaining about our prayers and fasting. Mohammad, I thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. I thank you for teaching us right from wrong. I thank you for handling all the pain for your religion and people. I thank you for never losing your patience, and never giving up. If only people were to spread Islam in a peaceful and civilized way like you have done. As آیة المنافق ثلاث إذا حدث كذب وإذا وعد أخلف وإذا اؤتمن خان“ you have said

I am very sorry to tell you Mohammad that your people are lying when they speak they are not keeping their promises, and are not keeping secrets. Your people are being hypocrites, even though you have warned them. You used to give without expecting anything in return. You loved your people unconditionally and always gave the people that hurt you second chances. My beloved prophet, I never understood the meaning of loving someone without seeing them, but I have learned to love you and respect you without ever seeing or meeting you. Unfortunately, our faith and Islam is not deep from our hearts. A lot of Muslims only pray in front of people. I thank you Mohammad for being generous, kind, loving, loyal, and most of all for being you. We do not thank you enough, but you are in our hearts in every second, of every minute, of every hour.

عَجَبًا لأمرِ المؤمنِ إِن َّ أمْرَه كُل َّھُ لھُ خَیرٌ ولیسَ ذلكَ لأحَدٍ إلا للمُؤْمنِ إِنْ أصَابتھُ سَر َّاءُ شَكَرَ فكانتْ خَیرًا لھُ وإنْ أصَابتھُ ضَر َّاءُ صَبرَ فكانتْ خَیرًا لھُ

Many people these days only thank Allah when something good happens, and they question Allah’s abilities when something bad happens. I thank you Mohammad for teaching us how to act in certain situations and for warning us about bad people. As a Muslim, I promise you that your people will change and become better Muslims. I thank you for your presence and for everything that you have done. I thank you for standing up for us and for asking Allah to forgive us when we commit a sin.

Juman Amer Alnaser
7G – Islamic Educational College Jordan – Amman