From Stephane

The Gift of Love

A lover is granted the gift of seeing the setting sun kiss the horizon
Of hearing music as a breeze grazes lush green foliage
Of witnessing the sands of time as the moon waxes and wanes
And of seeing birth and death in the alterations of the seasons.
A lover understands that love is not a state, but an action
Uniting thou and I, loved and beloved
Obliterated, dissolved and disintegrated
The ego shackled by the yearning of its host
Love captured the hearts of great men.
For no Caesar, no King, no Chieftain,
Would receive such admiration.
Amorous gazes, you received from those you taught.
Only a Beloved of God could heal a lover’s broken heart
Only a Beloved of God can perform such alchemy,
Turning hearts of stone into precious gold
Only a Beloved of God brings meaning to one’s life
A lover is granted by the Beloved what he desires,
For a lover only desires union with his beloved.
And paradise exists only to be with those whom we love.
The one who loves himself is no lover at all,
What kind of paradise would be to be forever alone?
Nay! The one who loves himself is deluded.
For only Hell can be his destination;
He has not prepared a thing
But the one who loves has annihilated himself in the Beloved,
Forever has reached the highest of stations.
The one in love, sees that all points to Him.
And so I thank you, dear Beloved ﷺ, for teaching me to love,
For I know by that love, we can be united.

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