From Mustafa

The Tender Beloved of Allah

Eternally and beyond his time
His gentle demeanor discloses His beautiful character
In the loneliness of this nonexistence;
He is the candle within me
And I am the mirror reflecting his spiritual beauty

He is the guide and the destination
The sea of the unknown and the shore of knowledge
The bearer of all of Allah’s choices and the
Chosen One

All of his traits unveil pearls of wisdom:
Paradise becomes the lush arena of eternal life and
breathtaking prayers;
Love, becomes the life bearer of this earth
Every tree and flower and seed
divulges hints of His grace-
His shimmering words grants us pledges of His radiance,
The rose blesses us with salutations of His elegance.

Whenever grace is near,
Love is there too;
When grace shows a glimmering light
Love catches a flame from that burning cinder
Where beauty resides in the dark tresses of the midnight
Love blossoms and unearths a soul
entwined in stormy skies

Sometimes, a sacred
and blessed time arrives
when all caresses of beauty
releases the soul
…to weeping.
A time when
the Precious one of Allah
was placed gently on our Earth.
A time
of the blossoming
of the gardens of wisdom and piety

Lover and Beloved are as body and soul.
The Lord is the mine, taking ‘’bai’at’’ from Him are the treasured diamonds.
We are together always…
Since the pledge of hands
Engulfed in each other’s spirit
as water is fused with wine;
A bond of eternal love
I vow, by Allah, since taking that oath of allegiance
the entire Universe is deception and fabrications
his words whisper of the perfect hereafter
The promised mercies and forgiveness of our Creator

He ignites the heavens up above me
A star, so dazzling he blinds me
In my heart, he holds a palace of devotion
He is a presence more exquisite than the sun or the moon,
a captivating being
whose reflection burns within the essence of my soul…
I gifted my heart to him
who in all my breaths of existence
Always has been with me and always will be with me

He left this world, but endured inside of me
And thus became my harmony and bliss.
In his departure, separation left me
and I testified to the secret Unseen, the Worlds between
He is the concealed wish of my yearning,
Veiled deep within my heart, masked like a beautiful dream.
He is my loyal companion in the daylight
And in my darkness, my sincere friend.

I reminisce him and think only of Allah’s perfection
In my life, his love is a fortress higher than creation
An emperor of breathtaking splendor
whatever touches me touches him
In all the ranks of the soul he is in me…

Mustufa (Sallalaahu alayhi wa salam)-The Tender Beloved of Allah

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