From Jassim

Dear Rasulallah, ﷺ 

I expect that you’re in the best of state. I also hope that you have received all my praise and peace that every single dawn to dusk I send to you. O Rasulallah, we love you and we know you too love us ardently. Your message has been received by us, we have heard you dua, we have heard about the day you had to leave your people. Abu Bakr and you, hiding in a cave and you affirmed him that ‘Allah is with us’. That certainly is true O Noble Prophet of God, it is only by Allah’s Mercy and Grace that we hold fast to this beautiful religion, Islam.

 Our time has drastic changes from your time. Yet the main human requirement is unaltered. We are in ever as ever could be in need of proper maintenance and nurturing of our souls. O Friend of Allah, this dire need only few will to understand. I know that you love them, you have already done your best by asking Maghfirah for them. That is why the knowledgeable amongst us tries to remind them of your love and dedication for them with the kindness and generosity that you have mentored us.

 O Noble friend of God, there are people I have met whose character and subtlety is like that of yours. Sometimes we believe in our inside that you’re beyond human and emulating you is not possible by the souls in this world. This fallacy of mine is splayed when I interact with these people. You are human just like me that is why writing a token of words, sharing a trove of thoughts and binding my emotions with yours to assuage my struggles makes sense. Devotion to God has been the example set by you, thy prayers at night have conquered the mightiness of Rome; this spirit of devotion needs to be spawned so that we Muslims get back the greatness that once we had.

 Islam is now present everywhere, everywhere there is call to prayer. Eeman has entered in every geography and strata of earth. Salam is our greeting for everyone we meet.

 This is your legacy that you have left behind. Meeting you, hugging you and drinking a glass of water from Kawthar from your hands is all our wish and with patience we await amidst all the abyss of materialistic life around us.

May Allah’s praise and salutation be upon you, O Friend of God.

Jassim Uddin Ahmed, 19

Doha, Qatar

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