From Ehtesham

A Letter to my Prophet Muhammad (ṣalla llāhu alayhi wa-alehe wa-sallam).

I miss you though never met you
I follow, I obey, I practice, I seek your council when all hopes fade away.
I never saw you, prayed with you, walked with you, but following your path leads to that pleasure. You are the greatest gift to mankind from Almighty/The One and Only.
I always think what would you do in my shoe if you are in dark, troubled, hated then I dream the way. My life was pale and imbalanced, with your perfection & reflection I found Light. I am not perfect, never will be and never will try to be, but I sincerely pray to be at your company after life.This special month of Rabi Al-Awaal, I want to thank Almighty for blessing us with you and will always be thankful.

Ehtesham Mustafa

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