From Charanek

My Bee Story

Buenos Dias and Banzai too!
That ever came from a ballyhoo;
This belly dancing bumble bee
Was a cavaliering oddity.
Lend an ear to this matinée
A heartfelt story of a castaway.

My keeper from the date palm tree
Sent me working towards the earthly green
My life seemed boring and blasé
I buzzed off briskly and ran away

I was blissful, buoyant, and fancy-free
As I clipped through bushes
And bounced through trees

I barrelled like a buccaneer
That of impish soul with flighty cheer.

Yet barren boredom soon bore my soul
As blossoms died in autumns cold.

I fell between the freezing grass
And watched the sky turn to black.

My sullied stripes did best to hide
My Beetled life when I did fly.

Though a bee, I could only bray
And screamed for having gone astray;

I cried aloud, “I’m Sorry O’keeper of bees!
Could you ever love a bee like me?”

Written by Charanek Charanek

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