From Alieu

Dear Elect One of God,

May my Mother and father be sacrificed for you! If only I could behold your noble countenance once and kiss your feet! You’ve shown me what mercy unprecedented looks like, what it is like to be loved unconditionally through the many centuries. You’ve ennobled us just by your enfleshment. Now I look at the moon and the sun and remember you; for there beauty was only from your beautiful face, your beautiful physique.

Ya Rasulullah, I wanna sit in your presence, smell your sweet fragrance and annihilate. I would come with all of me and leave with nothing but the dust of your sandals. Ah! What would it be like to see you smile, to see you drop pearls upon pearls from the ocean of your mysterious heart that is ever awake even when the eyes sleep.

I miss you even though I never met you. I have gotten drunk only by seeing your name on social media. There is this thing in our time call the Internet; it resembles you in your vastness but I believe you know of it even before it came to be; for you’re the one who was a prophet when Adam was between clay and water. I know too that you know of Facebook precisely because your Nation, your beloveds whom you never met send perpetual praises upon you there. And news of these things do reach you. We do poems for you therein and share the classics too and they get us utterly drunk! Look what you did for us. You beautify even our mundane lives with your name.

O Beloved one of God! You whose face beam the Holy Recital. I only have one request. Just one. Which is that you do give me the life giving drink at heavens door. By God! I’ll whirl and fine tune with the glory of heavens! I love you! More that anything even known to be bestowed with love. You’ve made me human. I love you. I really do and now clouds of tears gather in my eyes as I write this.

I hope you get this letter and when you do, to just whisper my name, and that will serve as the beatific presence everlasting for me. Until that time, I’ll keep drowning in the ocean of Muhammadan salutations.

Ps: my salams to the divine presence for thy blessed lips, O Hashimite Prophet.

O God, bless our master Muhammad, who opened what was closed, who sealed what had gone before; the helper of Truth by the Truth, the guide to Your straight path, and on his family, may this prayer be equal to his immense position and grandeur.

Your servant,

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