A Sonnet from Hidayet

A Sonnet for the light of my heart,  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

What has become of me, dear beloved?
I once had a heart but it departed.
It fled from my chest, it renounced its rights,
embarked on a journey of many sights.
My eyes have seen the moon through clouds of tears,
the dawn of hope after sorrowful years
of seeking love in crushing nothingness.
But indeed, my rebirth I must profess.
Your light’s, a spring for my wintery soul.
Your love, echoing in restless prayer
Mends what once had shattered, and makes it whole.
Now, I visit my own heart whenever
I let myself drown in your memory,
For my heart is yours, at last it is free.

Hidayet Abbad

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