Stir the tea


The light of Muhammad ﷺ is present in the hearts. it just needs to be stirred. Like a glass of chai, which has sugar at the bottom. If you stir it, and drink it like this, you will taste its sweetness.

If you don’t stir this sugar, you won’t be able to taste its sweetness.

Such is the love for the Prophet ﷺ. It is present in the hearts.

And when this love gets stirred… 

when you remember Madinah, it becomes sweet!
when you remember his Name, it becomes sweet!
when you remember his characteristics, it becomes sweet!

If it does not get stirred, you think these are normal things. You might even mention the name of Madinah as if it’s something normal, average, regular. It’s not something normal – Madinah!

When you remember Madinah
or the Green Dome
or the hymns that are sung
or His Companions
or His Family – all these things, when remembered, bring a special state and a special taste of sweetness to the person.

Because they are connected to the greatest sweetness, the sweetness of faith. As Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: a person does not truly have faith until Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to him than anything else.

How can you stir this sweetness in hearts?

It is there in the hearts of Muslims: in the poetry, in the songs, in remembering the Seerah.

It is there whenever we remember the Prophet .

Imagine the Prophet ﷺ. Imagine him ﷺ when he was only one night old. The first night after his Mother Amina gave birth to him.

Imagine him, and his beautiful face shining, shining, shining with light. You should imagine this image, an image that captures the heart. It will capture your heart because this beauty is unlike any other beauty; it is the beauty of Prophethood.

-Habib Kadhim as-Saqqaf, excerpt from the talk which you can view here.

Let your imagination take you to that sweetness. And share it with the world, in your letter to the Beloved ﷺ.

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