“Inspiring, for the act of writing to God’s Emissary  compelled me to check my sincerity. I found it lacking, and pray that for the sake of His Beloved, my Love for Allah, His Prophet ﷺ and His people continues to increase. Fatiha” –  Henrik 


“Rarely do we sit down to pen a letter in all of the care it involves for its recipient, and even less do we ponder on our relationship with the Prophet . So when I sat down to write my Letter to the Beloved last year: I was overcome by the fact that I was finally speaking to the Beloved beyond seeking him. I was finally walking towards him as I strode behind him. I was finally really facing him, over and above imagining him” – Assma 


“What does it feel like reading these Letters to the Beloved ﷺ? It’s amazing. Young boys and girls, writing letters full of innocence; adults opening up and discovering in them emotions they didn’t know were there. Many have mentioned that writing the letter has renewed and reinvigorated their relationship with Rasul Allah ﷺ.” – one of the judges

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