A writing competition to get your heart going!

Letters to the Beloved ﷺ Competition



This competition is actually an invitation

to experience the power of putting feelings into words,

of approaching the One we believe in, love, and follow ﷺ,

of discovering the unbroken bond of light that ties us to him ﷺ.

Writing to the Beloved ﷺ is the first step…

into a whole new level of relationship with the Apostle of God ﷺ.

Write a thank-you letter, a letter of complaint about all you know needs fixing in yourself, a letter of invitation to the Beloved of God ﷺ into your life, a love letter.

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Write to the Beloved ﷺ


Entries must be:

  1. your own work
  2. in one of the following formats: poetry or prose 
  3. a maximum of 500 words


  • Children 9-15
  • Adults & Youth 16+

Letter submissions from Children 8 and under are welcome and are all winning letters!


Submissions are accepted until February 13th, 2022




… and how blessed you’d be if you’d give someone this chance.

Put these posters up on your social media or post them in your local masjid newsletter: 


  • “The act of writing to God’s Emissaryﷺ compelled me to check my sincerity. I found it lacking, and I pray that – for the sake of His Beloved – my Love for Allah, His Prophetﷺ and His people continues to increase. Ameen!” -Henrik 


    “Rarely do we sit down to pen a letter in all of the care it involves for its recipient, and even less do we ponder on our relationship with the Prophetﷺ. So when I sat down to write my Letter to the Beloved last year: I was overcome by the fact that I was finally speaking to the Beloved beyond seeking him. I was finally walking towards him as I strode behind him. I was finally really facing him, over and above imagining himﷺ.” -Assma 


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